Muscogee Nation of Florida desires to develop a program under a proposed Agricultural Research and Commerce Center (ARCC) located on Tribal Land in Bruce, Florida. As part of the program the first phase for the ARCC will be the Muscogee Nation Heirloom Greenhouse (MNHG) project built around highly successful business model. This will include the development and training of 10 new skilled and semi-skilled staff in the hydroponics growing systems which aims to carry out intensive and high turnover production while providing work and leadership experience for local people.
The project is a combination of cutting edge, high quality, efficient food technology and production which is committed to the improvement of taste in vegetables and excellent quality and nutritional value. The MNHG will provide education, experience and research in the hydroponics and aqua-farming fields. The Muscogee Nation of Florida will retain experienced consultants to provide leadership and direction for the MNHG. This project will be tribal-based, and will supply vegetables, fish, and timber products for the local, state, and national markets; this will include trees and seedlings for the local and state markets.
The Muscogee Nation Heirloom Greenhouse is being formed for the specific purpose of growing and marketing high quality specialty crops, initially tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, and micro-vegetables, in controlled environment greenhouses utilizing the most recent technology in soilless, or hydroponic growing systems. This is in response to a tremendous need that exists for superior quality produce due to the inability of field growers to meet that need.
The Tribe will create a controlled environment greenhouse facility with warehouse and rural e-commerce business incubator office space that will ultimately encompass approximately 15,000 square feet.

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